Corporate Public Affairs

The Stewart Group has engaged in hundreds of public affairs campaigns, spanning a wide range of issue sets and industries. Our experience and influence among influential leaders is superior. This makes a game-changing difference for our valued clients.

Assembling the best team: securing partners who know how to win

Achieving success for corporate clients is most possible when working with the right partners. We work alongside many lobbyists, pollsters, and media outreach experts who have the experience and contacts to help our clients meet their objectives.

Developing a plan: strategic thinking that positively affects policy outcomes

Understanding the process and the players involved in making public policy is key in helping clients achieve their goals. TSG has been engaged in hundreds of policymaking battles at the federal, state, and local levels. We understand how lawmakers and regulators think and how best to strategically map out a plan to win.

Grass tops: activating key influential opinion leaders for our clients

Leaders in business, politics, academia, and other professions are often able to break through the clutter to educate a lawmaker or advocate for a policymaking solution. TSG has been engaged in large scale grass tops campaigns for many years. Securing the right voices can make all the difference in winning any issue battle.

Digital outreach: engaging grassroots citizens in real time advocacy

By embracing emerging technologies, TSG is able to target citizens who can be engaged on an issue of importance to our clients. Activating a grassroots army online can make the difference in swaying the opinions of policymakers at all levels of government.

Survey research: bringing public opinion to the forefront

Nothing puts momentum behind good policymaking ideas like credible public opinion. TSG knows how to craft a survey questionnaire that will obtain public opinion data that is accurate, trusted, and relevant to the issue battle. This research is a valuable asset to any client who is serious about winning.

Earned media: taking the message to the public

A compelling message being amplified by a respected voice in a credible publication is an essential component of bringing the right attention to your issue perspective. TSG’s quality network of key influential opinion leaders and its extensive media contacts help get its clients’ messages out. The right ideas are important. The right ideas being espoused by the right people in the right forum are game changers.

Broadcast media: moving the needle at a pivotal point in the process

Broadcast media, when properly executed, galvanizes the public quickly and in a massive fashion. TV and radio ad concepts, production, and placement strategies require experience, knowledge, and precision. TSG knows how to move the needle in the right way at the perfect time to make the winning difference for its clients.

Events: collaborating and bringing collective pressure to bear

An effective public event can generate positive media coverage while providing a forum for advocates to share valuable perspectives and ideas. TSG is renowned for its expertise in producing flawless events that get results for its clients. These gatherings can be a significant milestone on the road to victory.

Direct mail: targeted communication that generates action

Mailing an articulate, well-designed mail piece into targeted households can inform, educate, and activate people into taking action. TSG is experienced in simplifying an issue and conveying a concept to citizens. An effective mailing can generate the mass citizen action required to build the support clients need to achieve their policy goals.

Expert Insights

The Stewart Group works closely with the best and brightest of the political and public affairs worlds. This expansive network of influential contacts makes a vital difference for our clients.


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