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With an overall win percentage of nearly 80% over hundreds of campaigns, The Stewart Group knows what it takes to help elect quality leaders to public office. Our firm’s political clients are among the most influential leaders at all levels of government.

An effective strategy: absolutely imperative

A campaign cannot succeed without a well-researched, well-designed strategy. From a campaign’s inception through Election Day, strategic excellence ensures that day by day, minute by minute, a campaign moves ever closer to victory.

Research: the building blocks needed to make the right plans

Effective, thorough research is necessary to achieve strategic and tactical success. To know where your campaign is going, you need a complete understanding of where you are and what potential variables exist that can affect your position in the race.

Whether it’s polling data, opposition research, or sophisticated analysis of electoral trends, TSG gathers the information you need to inform your campaign strategy.

Targeting: reaching out to the decision makers you need to win over

Advancements in campaign targeting are occurring more rapidly than ever. TSG has the contacts, experience, and expertise to help you target the right voters in order to maximize your campaign resources in moving as many votes as possible into your column.

Grassroots: winning elections one vote at a time

Technology is making grassroots campaigns more efficient and effective than ever. Knocking on doors, making campaign phone calls, and meeting voters at public events can provide your campaign with the volunteers, information, and critical mass of support needed to win. TSG helps campaigns find the right technology and develop the optimal strategy to achieve success in their grassroots programs.

Digital communications: a two-way road to efficient success

Through the use of web-based advertising, individual voters can be effectively targeted on social media platforms and other websites they visit. These targeted communications capture new support, increase your campaign’s communications network, and raise funds needed for victory.

TV and radio: broadcasting the right message to the right people

Understanding and interpreting the changing dynamics of broadcast media is critical in using these platforms effectively. TSG carefully analyzes viewer and listener data to identify emerging trends and develop new strategies. This provides your campaign with a competitive advantage in getting the most impact from your broadcast media.

Creative messaging, professional production, and optimal placement are the keys to generating massive voter support through TV and radio ads.

Direct mail: putting the winning message in the voters’ hands

Advancements in targeting enable a campaign to send out mail with very specific messages to different groups of voters. Effective research and planning reduces wasted campaign mailing funds to nearly zero.

Putting a creative, clear, and compelling piece of mail in the hands of voters that you need to win over can make the difference for your campaign. TSG’s experience, creativity, and technology in direct mail advertising are what your campaign needs.

Get out the vote: finishing strong to finish first

Turning out supporters to vote is more important than ever. Vote by mail, in-person Early Voting, and ever-changing election laws necessitate that your campaign develop and execute the best possible get out the vote plan.

Identifying supporters, reaching out, and motivating them to vote requires strategic thinking and savvy developed over decades of campaigning. TSG is prepared to provide your campaign with the help you need to succeed in getting your supporters out to vote.

Expert Insights

The Stewart Group works closely with the best and brightest of the political and public affairs worlds. This expansive network of influential contacts makes a vital difference for our clients.


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